You have gathered your group of friends. Your boys are on board for a crazy lad’s trip. Your ladies are geared up for a memorable girl’s holiday. But organising and embarking on a group getaway can be very challenging. Fights and arguments can occur. Preferences on what activities to do can differ. Many events can happen abroad with your group that could make or break an eagerly planned holiday.

Whether you’re travelling abroad with friends, family or relatives, everyone is different and can come with a bag of expectations and requests when going a holiday. So how do you go about planning a successfully and enjoyable group getaway? Here are some tips.


Travelling with  the right people
  • Not everyone you know will be up for an adrenaline filled holiday or a beach type relaxation trip. You’re more likely to enjoy a trip to Ibiza with your active friends than your parents so choose your travel partners wisely
  • Ensure you decide to travel with likeminded people that can accompany you to experience a great holiday
  • It’s best to keep everyone in the group aligned when planning a getaway abroad so there is a lesser chance of arguments and disagreements
Select a well-rounded destination
  • Amongst the group you travel with, brainstorm ideal destinations on where everyone would like to go
  • Opt for locations that provide attractions and activities that everyone in the group can enjoy, i.e. boat parties, spa treatments, beach days, watersports and quad biking
  • Think about popular holiday spots that travellers visit in groups, i.e. French Alps, Bangkok, Marbella, Cancun
Form a sensible budget for all
  • It is important to ensure that everyone that you travel with has a substantial holiday budget once the destination has been chosen with regards to flights, accommodation and other expenses
  • Make sure that the people in your group are covered for any emergencies that could take place whilst abroad to avoid being out of pocket
  • It’s worth thinking about a group travel insurance policy to cover everyone, especially if adventure type activities are planned
Choosing ideal accommodation
  • If the group you travel with is huge, choosing a hotel or hostel may not be ideal so it’s best to look at alternative accommodation options including villas and apartments
  • Make sure that everybody is comfortable with the accommodation chosen and it is in close proximity to shops, bars, public transportation and restaurants
  • Consider possible deposits and additional requirements that may be requested from property owners and avoid being boisterous during evenings out of respect for neighbours and fellow accommodation guests
Be vocal
  • It’s important to speak up when group travel planning take place and everyone adds in their two pence of ideas of things to do
  • Suggestions by one another should always be welcomed so don’t be afraid to throw in a recommendation of activities to do or events that could occur whilst abroad for the group to get involved in
  • Especially if something is missed from the group plan that is important, highlight it immediately so everyone is aware and well informed

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