Like many women, I love changing my hair frequently. Whether I choose to wear weave, braids or keep my natural hair out, I love how my appearance alters with each hairstyle. When planning future travels and checking out climates of different countries, I always keep in mind how I want to style my hair and how to maintain it whilst abroad.

Having travelled with a variety of hairstyles in the past, I’ve normally stick to the same hair care options and ensure that my hair remains fresh and well maintained. Here are some hair care suggestions.


Take a spray bottle

For me, it’s essential to always have a small or medium sized spray bottle for my hair. Whatever the size, carrying a spray bottle is great for containing a hair spray mix to refresh and moisturise hair and relieve scalp irritation. Spray bottles can hold a mixture of water, essential oils and carrier oils of your choice.

A miniature spray bottle can be held in hand luggage for use when onboard a flight. For long travel periods or extended days out whilst abroad, you can spritz your hair from time to time to avoid dullness and lack of moisture.

Have a satin or silk bonnet/headscarf for sleeping

This is one for the naturalistas. A bonnet or headscarf with satin/silk material will help prevent mass frizz and lock in moisture when sleeping. I always carry my satin bonnet or headscarf depending on the hairstyle I have.

Using satin/silk headscarves or bonnet allows hair to be less tangled overnight thus avoiding hair breakage. It’s a good night time solution if you choose to have your natural hairstyle out abroad and wish for it to be intact whilst asleep.

Take bobby pins and hair bands

Having extra hair bands and bobby pins are a must when I change my hair during holidays. Using both hair accessories can allow you to switch up hairstyles with ease. Whether it’s a slicked ponytail or a pinned updo style, it can take a matter of minute to have a different hair appearance.

When doing particular activities, clips and rubber bands can hold hair in the right places and avoid possible damage. Using bobby pins and hairbands can also allow you to have different looks during the days and night during your trip.

Bring some hair gel

Whether it’s curling jelly, edge control or hair snot, I always carry a form of hair gel for travelling purposes. I love keeping my baby hairs neat and tidy when I’m out and about when exploring a destination. I advise purchasing a hair gel that is non-flaky and can be used for different hairstyles.

Edge control gels and hair snots are ideal for smoothening and manipulating edges, giving a sleek finish. Whether you have locs, braids, weave or natural hair out whilst travelling, using a small bit of gel can complete a lovely hair look.

Pack a hat or regular headscarf

Bad hair days can easily occur when on holiday. This could be due to a drastic change in climate or human mishaps. I always carry a hat or headscarf as a backup in case my hair decides not to cooperate with me.

Having a headscarf is great as you can create cool turban styles and it can match your clothing for the days and nights ahead. Using a hat such as beanies during cold temperatures or floppy straw hats for warmer climates prevent your hair from any unwanted exposure and can easily cover up any bad hair cases.

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