Prior to my stay in Bali, one thing I promised myself was that I would enjoy an amazing spa session during my stay in Ubud. As always I did my research and Ubud is brimming with many spa locations offering a variety of treatments and packages for visitors and locals.

Upon perusing various spa treatment deals online, I came across Karsa Spa. The spa has received a ton of positive reviews on Tripadvisor and was located on the Campuhan Ridge Walk route, away from Ubud’s busy roads. Their spa packages on their website are pricey compared to many of the smaller spas however after seeing pictures and customer feedback, I was sold.

The booking process

Upon checking Karsa Spa’s site, it gave a comprehensive list of the spa treatments and packages provided. A choice of different body scrubs, massages and body baths can be selected. I changed my mind several times on what I wanted.

I finally decided on a spicy Balinese boreh which is a 1 hour massage followed by a body exfoliation and mask with a traditional spice blend. I also opted for a flower bath after the exfoliation. I made my reservation via the online booking tool, which also asks you to specify whether you want a male or female therapist and if you require a single or couple’s room

Yeni and April from Karsa Spa promptly replied to my emails. The date I wanted was fully reserved and they helped me book an alternative date and time prior to me leaving Ubud. My morning reservation was confirmed and I was excited to check out this highly recommended spa.

The spa experience

The location of Karsa Spa is so picturesque and serene. The rice fields, floral features and water lily ponds provide calm and beautiful surroundings. It’s an ideal spot to have a lovely spa session and be far away from the hustle and bustle in the centre of Ubud. The spa is attached to Karsa Cafe where guests can choose to have a bite to eat before or after their treatments.

Upon entering, I was welcomed by the staff and was instructed to remove my footwear at the entrance. After taking my seat, I was offered a cool towel and chilled water, which I sorely needed due to the early morning heat. I was given a sheet to complete regarding any medical ailments I may have. I filled out another sheet asking about the massage pressure and oils I prefer and which areas of my body I want the therapist to work on specifically.

I decided on choosing lemongrass and ginger as the massage oil. I was able to see the spicy Balinese boreh mix which smelt amazing and the lovely flowers for the bath. My therapist Lady greeted me and I followed her to the treatment room.

When I entered the room, it felt like I walked a piece of paradise. The waterfall feature trickling down calmly behind the huge bath tub and surrounded by greenery and lovely wall and floor features. A safety deposit is based underneath the massage table, which is a big bonus as I had a lot of valuables on me.

After I got changed and laid on the massage table, Lady started the massage. Honestly, it was probably one of the best ever massage treatments I’ve experienced. Her hand pressure was firm but not too hard. Lady regularly checked with me to see if I was ok with the pressure. I would have a 100 more massages with her if I could. After the massage, Lady covered the spicy boreh all over my body and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The aroma of the boreh tickled my nostrils and the spices tingled my skin.  After the boreh set nicely, I had to get it washed off. Lady then applied a sweet smelling tamarind and honey mask on my body.

Whilst the mask was still on me, Lady filled the bathtub with warm water and decorated it with flowers. It looked so pretty that I didn’t even want to spoil its appearance. Lady said I should take a shower to wash off the body mask and sit in the bathtub to relax for 30 minutes. She exited the room so I can relax in private. After my shower, I sat in the flower bath and felt super chilled. I felt like all the tension in my body disappeared and I was totally at peace.

Sadly, all good things come to an end and time caught up on me. Prior to leaving the property, I took a quick wander around and checked out another treatment room that was laid out for couples. Maybe the next time I’m in Bali, I could bring a future partner *fingers crossed*

My time at Karsa Spa from start to finish was peaceful and amazing. Lady was professional and friendly so I highly recommend her as a therapist. Credit to the staff at the spa for making me feel so welcome. I’d happily return.


  1. Great post!
    This looks and sounds like a DREAMM! It makes me want to go to Bali even more now!

    • teeandapassport Reply

      Thank you! Honestly, it’s so peaceful there. Perfect place to destress and relax 🙂

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