As an advocate for taking many city breaks and weekenders abroad, I’m always gearing up for travelling to different destinations in a short space of time. With regards to packing for short trips, I already have in my mind what I need to take with me without using too much luggage space.

Organising your items within a small suitcase or backpack can be a headache, especially when it comes to choosing specific outfits and accessories. You can’t fit everything inside and your items could go over the weight restrictions on the airline you travel on. Stuck on how to pack efficiently for a mini holiday? See these suggestions.


Plan your outfits
  • Arranging what you’ll wear across the days you’re abroad will definitely save space in your luggage
  • Instead of taking a wide selection of clothing, plan your holiday attire for specific days and activities you may do abroad
  •  If the destination climate is warm, pack items with light and airy material
  •  Select clothing that is versatile and can be mixed and matched like a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt or a casual jumpsuit
Use travel containers
  • Transfer any liquids you need into mini travel bottles and tubs
  • These include body creams and oils, makeup in liquid form, shower gels, shampoo and conditioner that are over 100ml limit for cabin luggage storage
  • Avoid purchasing travel sized cosmetics and toiletries at airports
  • Travel containers can be purchased from thrifty stores for as little as £1 for a set. The below is from Primark

Keep gadgets to a minimum
  • Reduce the amount of tech products you take abroad with you
  • Avoid taking large items such as laptops or huge video equipment as they will add a lot of weight
  •  Opt to taking lightweight devices including tablets and small cameras which are easier to carry around
  • I recommend carrying a small portable charger to juice up any devices you have whilst on the go

Take minimal footwear
  • Depending on where you visit, you’ll be likely to wear the same shoes during a short trip
  •  I highly recommend taking a maximum of 2 pairs of comfortable shoes which could be trainers, sandals or flat shoes
  •  For ladies that love to wear heels, pack a comfy pair that will go nicely with your attire and won’t weigh down your luggage
Wear your heaviest clothing whilst at the airport
  • To avoid having an overweight suitcase or backpack, you can wear your heavy clothing and shoes whilst at the airport
  • Weighty items of clothing and footwear can include boots, winter jackets, tracksuits, long scarves and chunky knitwear
  • Heavier apparel can also keep you warm whilst you wait to board your flight and can be taken off when you’re on the plane for departure
  • Note that the airline will only weigh the luggage and not you as a person, so wear as much as you can and use pockets to store any electronics and extra items

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