Like most people, I love visiting locations with warm and sunny weather conditions. The prospect of having sunshine and high temperatures all day whilst abroad excites me.

However, galavanting around a destination during a heat wave can be overwhelming. Hence why it’s important to have suitable toiletries.

With so many options out there, proper toiletries can be purchased prior to a trip or in the country visited. Typically hot locations have variations of warm climates so it is good to prepare so you can enjoy your time frolicking in dry heat or tropical warmth. Here are some must have toiletries to use.

Sunscreen products

Sunscreen (aka sunblock) is important for skin protection due to strong UV radiation from the Sun. Frequent application of sunscreen lotion or spray will help to prevent sunburn and blistering during your trip abroad

Opt for sunscreen products with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher along with a combination of UVA and UVB protective ingredients

Brands such as Nivea, La Roche-Posay, Garnier and Malibu have wide range of sunscreen products available


Sweatiness is a regularly occurrence when travelling to hotter climates so having a good antiperspirant is key

Ensure you pack an antiperspirant roll on or spray that will combat body odour and provide protection of possible sweat patches

I suggest selecting antiperspirants that are long lasting (at least 24 hours) and have active ingredients to keep your underarms dry all day long, i.e. Sure, Dove & Mitchum have products with lengthy sweat prevention

Facial cooling mists

Using a cooling mist will definitely help to refresh the skin and regain moisture, thanks to the added essential oils and vitamins

Long periods in hot weather can really affect your facial appearance so applying the mist frequently can rejuvenate your skin

For makeup wearers, a facial mist can also be used to set your makeup look to provide a dewy finish

Skincare and makeup companies such as Make Up Forever, Vichy and Avene have recommended cooling face mists that will be sure to keep your face looking hydrated throughout the day

Tropical insect repellent

Tropical climates are paradise for insects particularly mosquitos so using repellent will prevent nasty itchy bites

A wide range of repellents including candles, sprays, wipes and bands can be bought abroad or prior to travelling

Some repellent products can have a pungent smell (due to active ingredient DEET) so they must be used outdoors or in a well ventilated environment

Opt for repellent that have a tolerable scent or is fragrance free

Baby powder

Baby powder is a multipurpose product which is ideal to use in sweltering weather conditions and is widely available to buy abroad or before you travel

It can be applied between the legs to prevent chaffing whilst walking and helps prevent sand from sticking to the body when used on skin and hair

The powder will aid in making antiperspirants last longer when applied afterwards as it will absorb sweat effectively

Light skin moisturisers

Whilst abroad, your face will most likely be the most exposed area of your body so it has to be taken care of

Using a light facial moisturiser daily with a decent SPF will keep the skin looking supple and hydrated in warm climates

Moisturisers can also prevent excessive dryness and there is a wide range available for those with sensitive skin from brands including Simple, Clinique and the Body Shop

For me, the toiletries mentioned are important for me to use whilst frolicking around a very warm destination. When applied correctly, I’m able to have a fuss free trip in my favourite climate.

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