About Tee

Hello! I’m Taiwo aka Tee as my dear mother calls me and you’ve guessed it, I have a serious passion for travelling.

I’m a mid twenties young woman, born and raised in London, UK. I’m a proud Nigerian who has embraced her traditional background and is a fiend for Nigerian food.

As an Accounting and Finance graduate, I currently work full-time in Finance Services and luckily my career has enabled me to travel very often. Alongside my love for travelling, I like keeping fit as a regular gym goer, learning to swim, sleeping a lot and eating skittles 😀

How I got into regular travelling? Well I guess a wave of wanderlust struck me as soon as I boarded a plane for the first time over 15 years ago when I travelled to Nigeria with my family. The excitement of air travel overwhelmed me and I wanted more.

Many years went by and it’s only when 2015 arrived that I decided to travel more seriously. And that’s when my passion to visit different locations across the world came to fruition.

So here I am, still alive and kicking with a number of visited countries under my belt and still dreaming of new destinations to visit in the future. My passport and me are only warming up.

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